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BEFORE you book a consultation with me, I have 2 rules:

#1: You MUST be SERIOUS about resolving your anxiety(or other issues)-

you have to be willing to put in a little time and effort to resolve your anxiety issues for good.

#2: You are wanting to do this NOW! Not in 3 months or 6 months-

you have some urgency and you have HAD ENOUGH and you want to rid yourself of the anxiety (or other issues) and you are willing to take some action now.

If you have answered "YES" to both of those rules above, pick a time below.

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  • We'll chat about your goals

  • You get a strategy that's right for you

Donald & Dawn | Alberta

"I seemed to have hit a wall with my personal development. No matter what I tried, what I read, what I listen to, I just couldn't get traction. The wall seemed unsurpassable. I was frustrated and tired of banging my head against it. My wife just recently had Dawn help her with some past traumas and was able to put that all behind her. So she suggested I seek help from Dawn. So I did and WOW, what a transformation. Dawn was able to help me get past that wall and a few more after that. She was caring, thoughtful and insightful. Every session was a huge leg up in the right direction. I was able to hit the ground running, it was like a mental boost of energy and power to continue with my growth. I can't thank Dawn enough for all that she has done for me and my wife. Thank you Dawn, your amazing!"

Helena | British Columbia

"I want to thank Dawn for helping me overcome my fear and anxiety. I connected with her almost instantly, and felt a sense of trust between us. Her compassion and ability to remain non-judgemental was a key factor in my choosing to work with her. Her unique style of therapy is so comprehensive that was just one session I gained the peace, and perspective that shifted how I felt. It’s been over a week now and that peace and self-love is still there. It’s been one of my most productive weeks in years. I highly suggest working with her. I am looking forward to completing her program."

Sherisse | Alberta/Jamaica

"I "I began my work with Dawn in Nov 2022 for her 4 week program. Prior to our work together, I felt like I was living a life steeped in a state of anxiety on a daily basis. Nothin in particular would set me off except my own mind and the merry-go round that it would go on. She helped me to learn how to find joy daily and compassion for myself in a healing process. She helped me to find a way to pull myself out of that state. It's been almost two months since we began working together and where I was 8 weeks ago to today are for me like night and day. That doesn't mean that I don't feel the anxiety creeping up on me, but the difference is I'm able to recognize it quickly before I spiral and utilize the resources she armed me with. Thank you Dawn, I am eternally grateful for your assistance!"

Tamara | Alberta

"Dawn was what I was looking for and didn't know I needed! I had been looking for anxiety symptom relief for some time and really needed a change! I had such a positive experience while working with Dawn, I feel like a whole new person! I am no longer drinking alcohol on a daily basis, emotionally eating or debilitated with anxiety. I am more productive, driven, and have more energy! Because of the positive shifts I am a happier person and more engaged mother and spouse!"

JUST IMAGINE...What would life be like if you were no longer suffering from anxiety?

JUST IMAGINE...What would life be like if you were no longer suffering from anxiety?

  • If you were truly free from anxiety what areas in your life would improve? Finances? Relationships? Self-Care? Plus more?

  • How would being anxiety free affect how you feel about yourself?

  • What if you no longer had that specific fear or phobia (eg. Flying, needles, dogs, vomit etc.)

  • When you no longer suffer from anxiety what other aspects of your life will get easier?

  • When you truly understand how anxiety works, how will your resilience increase when it comes to all the stressed and strains that life throws at us from time to time?

  • When you are no longer spending time and energy worrying about things unnecessarily...what are you going to do with all that extra time and mojo?

Would you like to live an anxiety free life? Now, whilst you're reading this, you might be skeptical, and rightly so. Chances are you've tried many things to overcome anxiety previously and maybe you have even begun to wonder if you are "beyond help" or simply "untreatable".

That's certainly how I and many of my clients felt right before they took action and decided to work with me 1-on-1.

In fact...if you didn't feel at your wit's end with this, then likely you wouldn't be seeking help.

It's good to know what you're feeling is normal...but even better to know that, despite how it feels...there is hope and it can be worked through quickly and with ease.

The reason though, people often feel like no-one can help or nothing will work, is that you've probably been told to use one of three methods for treating anxiety. Methods that quite frankly don't work and in many ways make you worse.

Stop doing those things and book your Assessment & Intake Consultation with us today so we can help you get your issues to stop controlling your life once and for all...long term!

Allow us to guide you through this Transformative Healing journey, dissolving your issues and problems at the deepest levels.

  • Are you constantly overanalyzing everything that happened or exaggerating what might happen?

  • Do you worry about having anxiety or panic attacks and how it will negatively affect your quality of life?

  • Do you feel anxious about traveling to new places, experiencing new things or meeting new people?

  • Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable in social situations and perhaps worried about what people might think of you?

  • Do you find yourself down the rabbit hole of google, goggling physical symptoms to see if what you are feeling within your body is normal or something much worse?

  • Do you feel "trapped", unable to do the things you want to do, with who you want to do them, how you want to do them and when you want to do them?

  • Do you have the desire to change and are willing to commit to your healing, deleting all those unwanted habits, thoughts and behaviours, permanently all over a video call?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then reserve your assessment today.